About Charity Karaoke, Sing for a Cause…

  1. Event takes place August 11th, 2019 at The Canyon Club.

  2. 20 Karaoke singers representing 20 nonprofit organizations compete in a Karaoke competition to raise money for their Nonprofit.

  3. Participation is free. Conejo Senior Volunteer Program (CSVP), the event host, provides the venue, including a live Karaoke band, and covers all event expenses.

  4. Fundraising campaigns runs from May 13 through August 9th. Winner of “Most Money Raised” will be announced at the event on August 11th. Each organization, and their singer, signs up donors to sponsor their song (similar to a 5k runner). Promotions can be through social media or any methods preferred. Donation payments go directly to participating nonprofit organization. After the event, participating nonprofit organizations donate 20% of what they raised back to CSVP.

  5. Nonprofit Organizations can choose their own singer. Suggestion: someone willing to promote and raise money, and/or someone who can reach more potential donors.

  6. Event will be live-streamed on Facebook.

  7. We ask organization to please supply a short synopsis (75 words) about their organization’s mission or any information they wish to relay. MC will use this to introduce singer.

  8. Donation Prizes will be awarded to the organization with the “Best Performance” category and “Most Money Raised” category. People both at the event and watching at home have an opportunity to vote for their favorite nonprofit/singer.


DOWNLOADABLE FORMS (Click to download)

Photo and Video Release (PDF)

Nonprofit Application to Participate

Singer Application to Participate

CSVP provides opportunities for adults age 55 and over to use their life experience and skills to meet local community needs.